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Arena 15.1 (Jan 2018)

The next version of Arena has been released and is available for upgrade or purchase. The main new features are:

Official Windows 10 Supprt

New Scoreboard Animation

A new Scoreboard Status Display has been added to the “Animate” toolbar.  This animation object control can be used to display model variables and expressions similar to a spreadsheet. Cell contents can display descriptive text or the current value of a model variable or expression.

New Modules

Gather Module is used when an entity requires one or more units of any one or more members of a resource set of interchangeable resources.  Unlike the SEIZE module, GATHER allows an entity to seize units from multiple members of a specified resource set.

Disperse Module is used when an entity is ready to release some or all of the units of the resource set members that were seized using a GATHER module.

Google Sketchup Support

Visual Designer 64 bit has been updated to support newer .skp files (SketchUp 2017).

Enhanced Functionalities

Set Data Modules has been improved to enable the user to define resource sets using other resource sets. Create hierarchy in sets of resources to reduce the time and modules necessary to manage complex sets.

ReadWrite Module was enhanced in the release of Arena 15.  In 15.1 we've include two additional format options.  Real decimal (%f) and real scientific notation (%e) have been added to the existing options of real( %g), integer (%i) and string (%s).

New Functionality

“ExcelDatetoBaseTime” function converts the Excel date serial number to base time units in Arena.

New Debugging Variables

LESR (Resource ID) - The Last Entity to Seize/Gather a Resource 

LERR (Resource ID) -  The Last Entity to Release/Disperse a Resource 

For further details on the features of Arena 15.1 on the Rockwell Arena web site, click here.

Current Arena Version


  • Arena 15.1 (released January 2018)

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