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Arena 15.0 (Oct 2016)

The next version of Arena has been released and is available for upgrade or purchase. The main new features are:

Native 64 bit

Unlike most simulation software products, Arena will now be a native 64 bit product, meaning Arena can utilize significantly more memory than the 2GB limit of 32 bit solutions. Users can now build much larger simulation models with Arena to solve problems previously not possible with discrete event simulation.

Enhanced Debuging

Arena now allows users to switch between running simulations in batch mode and animation mode. This means if a certain issue arises during a model run, batch mode can be used to quickly reach that point of time in batch mode and then the model can be switched to animation run mode to greatly assist debugging. This is particulalry useful for large complex Arena simulation models with long execution durations.

Dynamic Entity Batching

Allows the user to batch entities immediately if they have waited a specified period of time even if the required batch size has not yet been met.

New Template Modules

A number of new templates have been added to Arena to enhance ease-of-use and overall functionality.

Attribute Enhancements

  • Attributes are now displayed in the runtime elements bar and sorted alphabetically.
  • User-defined attributes are now displayed at the same level as the Entity attributes.

Highlight Active Module

  • Add Highlight Active Module to the Run Interaction toolbar to make is easier for users to use this feature.

Connector Color

  • Users can now define the color of connector lines.  This provides an enhanced means of documenting model logic.

For further details on the features of Arena 15.0 on the Rockwell Arena web site, click here.

Current Arena Version

  • Arena 15.0 (released October 2016)

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