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Distribution Centre


Our Client operates a highly automated distribution centre in Sydney Villawood.

Within the distribution centre, orders are accumulated into manageable sized batches before being released throughout the day.  Orders are picked to totes, which are barcoded before being inducted into the system and conveyed through carousel, binning, and pick-to-light zones.

Batching allows better utilisation of labour which moves around flexibly as "waves" of orders flow through the system.  Tote orders are packed and invoiced before being containerised into ULDs for despatch.

Footwear Warehouse

A model of our Client's proposed new Distribution Centre in Melbourne was developed in conjunction with a Company of well-known warehousing consultants. The model was used to refine the arrangement of conveyors in a facility handling up to 4,000 cartons per hour. It was also used to explore options in respect of labour requirements, product mix and various modes of operation.

Parcel Freight Terminal

Our client's Parcel Freight Terminal in Sydney was modelled to provide a tool to plan revised operating strategies and to show the benefit of additional conveyor infrastructure.  This model was developed as a generic terminal model to assist with the design of new facilities at other locations both in Australia and overseas.

Warehouse Model 

A simulation model of a Turret Truck operating in a high-rise warehouse was developed for ongoing use by our Client.  The model allows specification of the warehouse dimensions, the distribution of tasks and characteristics of the vehicle used and determines the effective work rate (pallets moved per hour of operation) of the truck for a given application.


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