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Arena Simulation Software

Arena, the world's leading simulation software has been used successfully by organisations the world over to advance the efficiency and productivity of their business.  Arena is designed to provide the power required for successful simulation within an easy-to-use modelling environment.

Key Benefits

With an animated Arena simulation model, you can:

  • design your new facility or make changes to your existing one and "test drive" it before you begin to pour the concrete
  • compare operational strategies and confidently select the best one so that you can go ahead and implement your ideas with the confidence that you know how it will perform
  • communicate to all concerned with the success of the project (from the management team who sign off on the decision, through to the people on the shop floor who will "drive" it) exactly how it will function and what implications specific variations might have.



Arena Standard Edition is designed for use throughout an enterprise, supporting both in-depth analyses of a particular functional area (e.g., manufacturing, logistics, customer service, health care) and analysis of processes that span several functional areas.

Arena Professional Edition simulation software is most effective when analyzing complex, medium to large-scale projects involving highly sensitive changes related to mining systems, supply chain, manufacturing, processes, logistics, distribution, warehousing, and service systems.

In addition, Arena PE is used to create customized simulation modelling products; that is, templates focused on specific applications or industries. With Arena Professional, customers develop custom templates that consist of "libraries" of modelling objects that make it significantly easier and faster to develop models that require repeat logic.

Templates included: Basic Process, Advanced Process, Advanced Transfer, Flow Process, Blocks, Elements

Tools included: OptQuest for Arena

OptQuest® for Arena is an optimization tool (solver) customized and fine-tuned for analyzing the results of simulation runs conducted in Arena (experimentation). OptQuest includes sampling techniques and advanced error control to find better answers faster, and incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms based on tabu search, scatter search, integer programming, and neural networks. This well-researched technology has been shown to be orders of magnitude faster than simpler approaches.

OptQuest for Arena is an add-on option to Arena.

Features and Applications    Standard    Professional

High-level business processes (workflows for an industry)

High-level business processes with advanced animation

Material handling (conveyors, transporters, AGV's)

Ability to attach other Arena templates

Advanced logic for modelling pull, Kanban and other advanced systems

Connectivity to external data sources and creation of user-specified statistics

3-D Animation

Batch and semi-continuous processes requiring tank and fluid handling

Custom template building/Reusable modules
High-speed packaging applications (Packaging Template)
Optimization (OptQuest) optional optional

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