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Modelling of Gate Occupancy at Sydney International Terminal


This exercise was undertaken for our client to study parking requirements at the terminal. It involved developing a simulation model of gate occupancy to evaluate proposed schedules and ascertain the likely use of "spare" gates. The study was a preliminary to our client making a submission to the Department of Aviation seeking a relaxation of the existing scheduling restrictions which effectively limited the number of flights through the terminal.

Baggage Handling

Modelling support was provided to our client for a proposal to undertake airport baggage handling on a third-party basis. The computer model used realistic passenger/baggage profiles for each arriving and departing flight and simulated in detail the use of mobile and human resources for the handling of both containerised and bulk baggage and its transfer to/from terminal carousels. It allowed the development of proposed labour rosters to support a given schedule of operations.

Baggage Handling – International Terminal

This project for our client modelled the conveying of baggage from check-in to baggage make-up. The purpose of the modelling exercise was to allow our client to explore various options in respect to the management of the baggage laterals as well as containers, dollies and tugs.

Gate Allocation System

A gate allocation system was constructed for use as a planning tool in respect of an International Terminal. The system was used to assist with the development of international schedules. It took into account such aspects as:

  • size of aircraft
  • time that each aircraft must spend at the terminal having regard for its port of origin
  • occasional need to remove aircraft from the terminal on a temporary basis in order to make room for arriving flights etc.

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