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Cheese Processing

Simulation Modelling - Factory Layout

Modelling of our Client's (then) Proposed New Processed Cheese Production Facility in Victoria was undertaken.  The model simulated in detail the handling and addition of the various additives to blenders and the transfer of the mixtures to the cookers.  It was used to establish the resources required for handling the additives and to develop scheduling strategies for the blenders.

This area has been revisited more recently to explore options for a significant upgrade in processing capacity. The model was configured to be "driven" by an input production schedule. The project provided, amongst other things, previously unappreciated insight into the production scheduling process.

Building Boards

In advance of a major upgrade to our client's NSW Plant, detailed modelling of production was undertaken. The issues of concern were the amount of intermediate storage required for drying of green product and to allow the cooling of autoclaved product. Also of issue were the influence of the sequence of products on storage requirements and the distribution of tasks between the available forklift trucks.

Food and Beverage

This project involved modelling of product handling from the filling of cases through a complex network of conveyors to palletising and despatch to offsite warehouses. It was undertaken for our client at their Botany (NSW) Plant to help with a significant redesign of facilities. The modelling exercise identified a serious shortcoming in the initial design and resulted in several major changes to the proposed layout.

Other Manufacturing Projects

  • Cheese Cutting Line
  • Ripper Room Operations
  • Telephone Assembly
  • Racking Plant Operations
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