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Ship Scheduling


In order to evaluate a radical change to the philosophy of scheduling its shipping fleet, an interactive model was developed for our Client's Transport Division to assist with the development of alternative schedules and aid quantification and evaluation of the difference between various alternatives.

BHP Steel - Rail Operations

The transportation of coal from BHP's Collieries in the Illawarra region is handled by complex and closely interacting road/rail systems.  The rail system has at times been required to match road deliveries from any of three collieries, directly clear coal from up to an additional 3 collieries, maintain remote stockpile levels, meet Steelworks requirements for a consistent coal blend, maintain steelworks stockpile levels, and manage the disposal of refuse from the steelworks.

During the 1990's, BHP's Illawarra operations have experienced significant changes in terms of tonnages produced and the geographic positioning of the major production areas.  Simulation models of the rail operations have been used throughout this period to assess the likely impact of change and to assist in strategic planning.

The modelling process has been used to consider issues related to:

  • loco fleet sizes
  • rake fleet sizes
  • loco capacity
  • train sizes
  • operating strategies
  • work practices
  • timetabled versus on-demand services
  • traffic control systems

Postal Services 

A comprehensive template of modules encompassing activities at a Mail Sorting Centre was developed.  The template covered not only the various sorting mechanisms available but also the receipt of inward bulk mail and despatch of sorted product.  The template was required to allow the Client to readily build models of their various mail exchanges in-house.

Boeing - Project Wedgetail

In the late 1990s the Australian Department of Defence issued a request for tender for the support of Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft.  This became referred to as Project Wedgetail.

As part of its preparation of Project Wedgetail the Boeing Defense and Space Group (Seattle USA) recognised the need for an analysis tool to assess the proposed Boeing 737's likely on-station performance.  To provide this analysis capability Boeing engaged Simulation Modelling Services to develop the "Wedgetail Mission Support Performance Simulation".  The simulation model was used by Boeing in the preparation of its successful tender to the Australian Department of Defence.

Other Projects

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