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Coal Terminal Operations

Ship in Port

In conjunction with Bechtel Services, SMS undertook the modelling of coal handling at our Client's coal loader.  The coal terminal operates as a cargo assembly for coal producers and receives a large number of different coal types, each requiring separate handling and stockpiling.  The number of individual products combined with short residence times makes the scheduling of the storage yard a difficult task.

The modelling work undertaken simulated the handling of coal from receival at the rail dumpers, through stacking, stockpiling then reclaiming and loading to ship. Particular attention was paid to the treatment of the placement of coal within the yard and the movement and positioning of yard equipment for both stacking and reclaiming to ensure that the model accurately reflected the complexity of these activities.

The study considered a wide range of expansion options available to our Client. After validation against current operations, the simulation model was used to evaluate and compare the various options and estimate expected terminal throughput capacity.

Grain Terminal

Modelling of various upgrade alternatives for our Client's grain and woodchip loading facility was undertaken.  The modifications included a new berth and shiploading facility together with upgraded materials handling capabilities in part of the existing terminal.  The analysis was undertaken to explore the impact of various upgrade scenarios on vessel turnaround times and also to assess the impact of several alternative management strategies.

Port Modelling

A study was undertaken for our client's Shipping Division to simulate the operation of raw materials delivery to a Steelworks in South Carolina - preparatory to the commencement of a significant new operation.  The delivery mode included the discharge of ocean-going vessels into barges.  These barges are then pushed by tug to their destination site where they are discharged into truck for transport to the Steelworks.

The modelling provided significant insight into the additional traffic and resulting congestion in the Port.  It allowed decisions to be made in respect of tug requirements and additional Port berthing infrastructure requirements following the startup of the new activity.

Bauxite Handling

Our client operates a shipping fleet for the transfer of Bauxite from the mine site through to the refinery.  Our client identified the need for an analysis tool to assist with a long-term program aimed at achieving full business potential and a shorter-term program aimed at reducing operating costs.

The modelling exercise undertaken established:

  • the capacity of Port facilities
  • critical constraints at a range of throughput levels
  • potential improvements in the delivery system
  • significant leverage areas.

The model exercise considered the handling of Bauxite from delivery to the stockpiles through to its unloading and stacking into the refinery stockpiles.

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