Advanced crowd and pedestrian simulation and analysis with MassMotion

Engineers, architects, designers and project managers worldwide use MassMotion to simulate people movement to verify design elements and optimise the user’s journey.

MassMotion lets you model emergent crowd behaviour before designs are built, allowing you to test for comfort, efficiency and safety.

MassMotion is effectively used for new design, construction and to maintain facilities with high pedestrian flow such as transport hubs, airport terminals and more, and respond dynamically to evolving operational conditions within an accurate BIM compatible 3D model.

This advanced software understands how people will behave and respond to choice as well as react to changes in real time. The ability to test multiple scenarios, combined with rapid graphics, mapping and filtering tools, ensures the best design solution is identified.

Visual results highlight critical bottleneck areas that can impact egress and safety and predicts the best locations for retail outlets and advertising. The impressive visual results demonstrate how a facility would function normally and during emergencies, allowing better decisions to be made before investing in capital or commencing construction.

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Key features of MassMotion

  • Accuracy: Impressive array of built-in graphing, mapping and filtering tools provide rapid and visual response for better informed decisions.
  • Scalability: Capable of simulating hundreds of thousands of people within a matter of hours, enabling rapid design exploration.
  • 2D and 3D assets: Import CAD/BIM files and use their geometry directly, or import your 2D CAD files and develop them into 3D models using MassMotion’s powerful polygon modelling tools.
  • Intelligence: Intelligent agents (virtual pedestrians) respond dynamically to evolving operational conditions and user-defined triggers.
  • Proximity analysis: Enforce social distancing requirements.
  • Software Development Kit: Direct access to the MassMotion crowd engine for custom behaviours or connections to other software tools.
  • Compatibility: MassMotion is compatible with your favourite tools including 3DS Max, Revit, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, VectorWorks, MicroStation, FBX & DXF
  • Backed by Arup: MassMotion is developed by Oasys, the software development arm of global professional services firm Arup.

Applications for MassMotion

MassMotion is a cost-effective solution for many planning, design, construction and maintenance applications:

  • Transportation hubs (railways, bus terminals)
  • Entertainment venues and scheduled events
  • Design of airport and cruise ship terminals
  • Planning for stadium design
  • Advanced emergency evacuation planning
  • Predicting locations of retail outlets and advertising

Compare Editions

MassMotion Flow Edition
  • Unlimited crowd sizes
  • Powerful 3D editing and simulation environments
  • Multi-threaded 64-bit crowd simulator
  • BIM compatibility (IFC 2x3)
  • Direct support for SKP, DGN, and 2D CAD files
  • Time controlled gates and complex crowd scheduling
  • Accurate evacuation and circulation behaviour
  • Flexible and powerful SQL driven analysis tools
  • Realtime view of 3D results
  • Image and movie export
MassMotion Full Edition
  • Everything in the Full Edition plus:
  • Ticketing and process modelling
  • Dynamic agent properties – Logical control of agent behaviour
  • Dynamic agent dynamics – Agents react to their environment
  • Spreadsheet based scheduling
  • MassMotion SDK (Software Development Kit)