Simio Simulation Software

See the future, document the process, answer what if, and improve performance

Invest in Simio Simulation Software to optimise the use of critical resources, predict impacts of process changes and improve performance. The software helps organisations reduce costs and mitigate risks with its unique object-oriented, multi-paradigm modelling tool that provides ease of use for beginners – and unparalleled flexibility for experts.

Simio combines the simplicity of objects with the flexibility of process logic to enable rapid modelling capability, without the need for programming.

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Key Features of Simio

  • Patented Process Logic: Create custom object behaviour without the need for text-based coding.
  • Object Oriented: Create your own modelling objects or modify and extend existing objects.
  • Native 3D Environment: Integrated with the Google 3D Warehouse.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Extend the use of models to support planning and scheduling activities.
  • Distributed processing: Execution of scenarios and replications can be distributed across computer cores and/or networked computers.
  • Gantt charts: Automatically generate Gantt charts to visualise resource usage.
  • Optquest add-on: Integrate the industry leading Optquest add-on with Simio to generate and evaluate scenarios in search of optimal configurations.
  • Relational data tables: Link seamlessly to external data sources such as databases, Excel, text, MES, XML.

Applications for Simio

  • Airports
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Ports
  • Rail
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing

Compare Editions

Design Edition
  • Unlimited model size (limited only by your computer resources)
  • Advanced 3D modelling/animation with build-in interface to the expansive Trimble Warehouse graphics library
  • Rapid modelling of complex workflows using the Standard Object Library
  • Advanced material handling including accumulating/fixed conveyors and on-demand/fixed route vehicles
  • Flexible resource modelling including moveable workers, dynamic selection rules, reliability, costing and Flexible work schedules
  • User-defined relation data tables for interfacing to data
  • Support for 3rd party add-ins such as Optimisation (OptQuest)
  • Advanced experimentation, analysis and reporting features for defining scenarios and interpreting results
  • Share the software between multiple users via a floating licence (Optional Extra)
  • Graphically create process for unlimited modelling of complex modelling situations
  • Combine objects and processes within a model to customise object behaviour
  • Create and use custom object libraries for specific application areas
  • Serve as Full Runtime software for models created in Team or Professional Edition
Pro Edition
  • Everything in the Design Edition plus:
  • Distribute scenarios and replications across other computers in your workgroup
  • States in tables support incorporation of output data into tables
  • Basic resource and entity Gantt charts to help understand and validate your models
  • Create models for use with Interactive Runtime using the free Simio Personal Edition
  • Create custom dashboard and table reports for others to use
  • Add states to tables to allow updates during run
  • Output tables collect results within the model

“SIMIO is possibly the best thing to have happened for the hospital I work for.”


LEAN Facilitator, Healthcare