Logistics and Supply Chain

SMS has delivered countless logistic and supply chain projects over its long history

SMS has simulated the movement of all manner of ‘things’ from A to B to C, by truck, train, ship or air. Our varied projects have included processing plants, equipment maintenance, shipping fleet scheduling, port operations, coal transport networks, rail operations, postal services, defence aircraft support performance, pathology sample processing and supply chain modelling.

Talk to us about:
  • Network design
  • Supply chain digital twins
  • Transportation planning and optimisation
  • Supply chain design
  • Warehouse operations
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Warehouse optimisation
  • AGV integration
  • Robotics planning inside a warehouse
  • Logistics network optimisation
  • Warehouse operation setup and optimisation
  • Strategic and tactical logistics plans
  • Cost evaluation
  • Optimal fleet planning
  • JIT operations
  • Supply chain bottlenecks
  • Operational transportation and fleet control based on real time data monitoring
  • Risk assessment and risk management

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Project Examples

Processing Plant Simulation

SMS developed a simulation model to study the storage and logistic requirements for development of a processing plant. This model helped to size storage requirements for raw materials, intermediate and finished products, and to assess the likely impact on storage requirements of the rail transfer of these materials.

Mail Sorting Centre

SMS created a model template for a mail sorting centre which encompassed various sorting mechanisms, inward bulk mail receipt, and despatch of sorted product. The template was then available as a basis for the client to readily build their own models of each of their mail exchange sites.

Interactive Shipping Fleet Model

In order to evaluate a radical change to the philosophy of scheduling its shipping fleet, an interactive model was developed to assist a shipping fleet operator to develop alternative schedules and aid quantification and evaluation of the difference between various alternatives.