Specialists in modelling manufacturing operations

Our simulation modelling experience extends across the manufacturing industry, from food and beverage production to the manufacture of building products, telephone assembly and racking plant operations.

Trusted By:

CSR Hebel, Kraft, James Hardie, Kimberly Clark

Talk to us about:

  • Production planning optimization and scheduling
  • Increasing throughput
  • Testing new design alternatives
  • Process improvement
  • Eliminating bottlenecks and bottleneck analysis
  • Optimising resource utilisation
  • Staff and equipment allocation
  • Facility design
  • Capacity planning
  • Production line balancing
  • Inventory planning (work in progress and raw materials)
  • Getting the most out of automation
  • Implementing AGVs

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Project Examples

Detailed Production Model

SMS produced a detailed production model for a proposed major upgrade to a building board production plant taking into consideration intermediate storage requirements for drying and cooling of product, the influence of product sequencing on storage requirements, and the distribution of tasks between available forklift trucks.

Cheese Production Facility

SMS modelled a proposed new cheese production facility to simulate additive handling and transfer of mixtures to cookers, and to develop scheduling strategies for blenders.

Product Handling Model

SMS developed a product handling model for a complex network of conveyors at a food and beverage operation, identifying a serious shortcoming in the initial design which allowed major changes to the proposed layout before the project progressed too far.

Modelling of new aerated concrete manufacturing facility

SMS worked with CSR Hebel to simulate the proposed design of their new manufacturing facility. Our independent modelling-based review demonstrated that the proposed design could not meet production requirements, leading to a redesign of the factory which subsequently met the site’s required performance outcomes. Read full case study >