Warehouse and Distribution

Manage efficiency, throughput, cost and capability within your supply chain

Warehouse and distribution centre operations involve complex supply chains, with many variables which impact on outcomes. Simulation is an ideal decision support tool to manage these variables – providing insights to operators seeking to optimise cost and service levels.

Our team at SMS uses its expertise in simulation modelling to support warehouse and distribution clients to manage and predict efficiency, throughput, cost and capability within the supply chain. Whether you are developing a new facility, evaluating new technology, or seeking ways to improve an existing facility – independent simulation by SMS will help you optimise your operations without compromising resilience.

SMS will create a 3D digital twin capturing all relevant aspects of your operation. This model will allow for experimentation across alternative scenarios to explore the impact of changes to factors such as staffing levels, floor spacing and layout, task and order management, product management, and automation. Our simulation reports on a wide range of performance metrics related to operations (e.g. cost, staffing, utilisation), throughput (e.g. capacity, cut off times) and service levels (e.g. delivery on time, delivery in full, short picks).

Trusted by:

Dexion, Honda, Australia Post, Pacific Brands

Talk to us about:
  • Staff levels and operational timetables
  • Storage optimisation
  • Product movement optimisation
  • Floor space requirements and layout
  • Freight traffic flows
  • Loading and unloading gate requirements
  • Performance metrics such as execution time and resource utilisation rates

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