Simulation Consulting

Predict outcomes and make informed decisions with simulation modelling

SMS has over 35 years’ experience helping clients better plan and predict their operations with industry-leading simulation modelling tools to minimise risk, optimise system design and achieve process improvement.

Our team works with you to understand your unique business goals and develop bespoke solutions. Where appropriate, we will use your existing data to test models by reproducing past events to ensure the information provided by modeling and simulation is accurate.

SMS has consulted to companies around the world and can apply computer simulation to any business process or sector including manufacturing, mining, smelting, transportation, logistics, communications and more. Our track record proves we can provide the insights required to increase productivity, reduce capital expenditure requirements, and build your competitive advantage.

Talk to us about:
  • Answering difficult business operation questions, such as the role out of new management policies
  • Scenario analysis, such as business expansions
  • Reviewing ways to optimise resources on your next project
  • Testing systems before investing
  • Bottleneck or operations analysis
  • Staffing optimisation
  • Resource optimisation
  • Supply chain optimisation

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