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Simulation Training – outstanding, excellent and highly recommended

Participants highly rated the three day simulation training course run by Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) last week with the simulation training described as “outstanding, excellent and highly recommended”. SMS is…

The Best Just Got Better – say Hello to Arena v15.1

Arena Simulation Software version 15.1 is now (May 2018) available for upgrade or purchase, adds even more new features that make solving complex problems with simulation much easier—without the need…

Ask not what IoT is, but what it can do for you!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is perceived to mean many different things to many people. When it comes down to it the definition is not that important. What is important…
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Artificial intelligence: The future of environmental monitoring

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, SMS partner Novecom’s existing environmental monitoring devices can ‘talk’ with one another in the field, learn from their environment, and implement that learning to improve your company’s decision making process.


Simulation Modelling Services Joins The Advitech Group

The Advitech Group (since become Emergent Group) is pleased to introduce its newest member, Simulation Modelling Services (SMS). Newcastle-based SMS brings with it a successful history in computer simulation to…